Gaia and Astrology: The Living Earth and Astrological Theory

by Bruce Scofield

originally published in The NCGR Journal, Winter 2000/2001


The lack of a general theory for astrology has kept it from progressing in a scientific way for over 400 years. Prior to the Scientific Revolution, however, astrological theory was in accord with a prevailing scientific view that included the notion of the Earth as a living, organic system. Continue reading “Gaia and Astrology: The Living Earth and Astrological Theory”

Theodor Landscheidt

by Bruce Scofield

On May 19th of 2004 Theodor Landscheidt, one of the most scientific contributors to the field of astrology in the 20th century, died. He was known, though not necessarily understood, for his occasional journal articles and presentations at conferences, mostly in the 1960’s and 70’s. During the past two decades he was known as a radical climatologist who operated outside the academic institutions and actually made bold predictions, many of which were quite accurate. Continue reading “Theodor Landscheidt”

The Moon and the Weather

by Bruce Scofield

(first published in Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book)

Throughout history people have noticed correlations between the Moon and the weather. We’ve all heard the old rhyme “a ring around the Moon means rain, the smaller the ring the sooner the rain.” A practical farmer and a skeptical scientist would both agree that there is truth to this saying. Continue reading “The Moon and the Weather”